PostHeaderIcon How to use the PRODUX SaaS engine

Getting ready

If not already done, do the following steps:

  1. Open a zanox account
  2. Get the PRODUX application for free on the zanox application store

Setup the PRODUX application

Choose the type of application you're looking for:

Customize your settings

The widget and RSS feed URL may be customized by changing or adding parameters to the URL provided:

Parameter nameValuesDescription
nb1..10number of elements returned
item0..5(widget) first item from the list to be displayed
regionde,gb,fr,es,nl,at,chregion (country) for advertiser targeting
ipIPv4 addressIP address of visitor for region guessing
programsup to 20 comma separated programs id'sRestrict result to selected programs
delay0..6Time to wait for answer, keep empty for default value. If retry=1, total wait time is (delay*5s ), if retry is 0 or not set, total time is (delay*5s)*2
retry0/99Disable auto-retry feature by setting to 99; Default (empty/zero) enables auto-retry.
category(valid category name)Restrict results to given category
kwkeywords, '+' separatedkeywords for product matching
min_priceintegerminimum product price (leave empty for none)
max_priceintegermaximum product price (leave empty for none)
imghintegerproduct image height (leave empty for original size)
imgwintegerproduct image width (leave empty for original size)

Example: to get a 3 products widget for keyword 'usb speaker' with a minimal price of 5€ (France) and a product image height of 100 pixels, we would use the following URL:®ion=fr&min_price=5&nb=3&imgh=100

Display your products

This simpliest way to display your products is to add an Iframe to your web page and insert the Produx widget inside the iframe. Here is the sample code of the Produx demo page:

<IFRAME src="" width=600 height=150 scrolling=no frameborder=0 allowTransparency="true"> </IFRAME>

If you wish to use the PRODUX RSS feed, you will need a RSS feed parser. You'll find sample code on google for PHP and ASP.