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Earn up to 100% of the generated revenues

Using a software still in early development stage is not always making fun.

That's why we decided to offer up to 100% of the revenues generated by PRODUX during the whole alpha stage.

Basically, the revenue share scheme has been set to convey 100% of the revenues to your zanox id. However, due to our internal caching system, some items may still be tagged with our Id. Anyway, you should expect to receive 90 to 100% of the leads.


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PRODUXPRODUX is a webservice providing relevant product pictures and description, based on zanox api. Produx is a Software as a Service: you get all the features out of the box. We take care of the technical bits, you focus on making money with it.

Produx offers the following advantages over raw product feeds offered by affiliate plateforms:

  • Middleware service: hide affiliate platform API downtimes and slow accesses
  • Adaptive search results: top selling products over our network put on top
  • Smart search engine : can convert your keywords to increase results relevancy

Don't waste time, be one of the very first to adopt PRODUX!

PRODUX is available as:

  • Widget (demo)
  • Wordpress plugin (soon)
  • RSS feed (demo)

Start using PRODUX now!

  1. Open a zanox account if you don't have one
  2. Get the produx application for free on the zanox application store.
  3. Earn 50% of the generated revenues!